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Location: China Redisence Permit   ※ Guangzhou /Foshan /Nanhai /Shunde /Shenzhen /Dongguan... HK /UK /USA /排列5除3余数走势图...

Apply for Residence Permit in China

排列5除3余数走势图 www.heaii.icu Applicant:
Those employed/working in Guangzhou and his/her spouse, parent(s) and child(ren) under the age of 18.
Foreigner investor and his/her spouse and child(ren) under the age of 18.

Documentations required:
1. A form of application;
2. Foreigner’s 4 recent passport-size 2 inch color photos (full face without hat and upper body).
3. Original and The photocopy of the foreigner’s valid passport and the photocopy of valid Chinese visa.
4. Official letter issued by the employer unit.
5. A registration Form of temporary accommodation for aliens issued by Public Security Bureau at residential place.
6. Valid Health certificate issued by the sanitary and quarantine authority.
7. Certifications related to the applying reasons.
For those working/employed: Foreigner’s Alien Employment Permit or Foreigner Expert Certificate.
For those investors: Photocopies of approval of foreign investment enterprise, business license and relevant evidences.
For spouse: parent(s) and child(ren) under the age of 18, the following documents are required besides the documents mentioned above:
Kinship certificate: Kinship certificate for parent(s), marriage certificate or certificate of spouse relationship for spouse, or birth certificate for child(ren).
The photocopies of residence permit and passport of the working/employed applicant are required if his/her spouse, parent(s) and child(ren) does not apply together with the applicant.

Items to be Noticed:
1. The applicant shall be present in first application.
2. All evidence issued by foreign institutes should be verified by the Chinese embassy or consulate in that country.
3.In case of modification to items of 'Residence Permit' (such as residence cause, passport number, residential address, employer, accompanying persons etc.), the certificate holder shall handle modification procedure at Division of Aliens & Exit-Entry Administration of Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau within 10 days;
4.In case the relocation for 'Residence Permit', the certificate holder shall handle relocation procedure at Division of Aliens & Exit-Entry Administration of Public Security Bureau at moving-in or moving-out place within 10 days;
5.Foreigner who terminates the job in Guangzhou for certain reasons shall timely hand in Foreigners' 'Residence Permit' at its cancellation and apply for relevant visa;
6.Foreigners holding 'Residence Permit' can reside in China within the valid term of 'Residence Permit' and can also go into and outside territory of China for multi times.


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